What Happens When Tech News Meets Acoustic Industry

What Happens When Tech News Meets Acoustic Industry

You’ve read the headline, but you’re still not quite sure what to make of it. Does it have something to do with audio engineering or with tech in general? It’s both! Technology has invaded our lives and seeped into every possible industry, including ours. In fact, if you want to stay on top of your game in the acoustic industry, you should never let technology news pass you by. And here are three ways you can stay informed about tech news as it relates to your field.

The pros of embracing technology

What better way to get your music heard by a wider audience? A huge number of people—and even other artists—now use social media to share videos, songs, and information about upcoming releases. In fact, some bands have been able to accomplish more exposure in a year than their predecessors did in an entire career. Imagine that: when you put out new music on YouTube, you could conceivably reach hundreds of thousands of people within 24 hours or less. You can also see what others are saying about your favorite bands, which is especially useful if you’re into covering songs or creating tribute albums!

The cons of being a luddite

Technology is a double-edged sword. While technology makes life so much easier, it also has its downsides. For example, those with little experience in tech may feel like they’re missing out on something. The benefits of tech outweigh its flaws, but if you’re experiencing some tech envy right now, consider why you want to learn more about technology and whether it’s really worth your time. If you believe that an updated skillset will improve your chances of landing a job or make you more marketable as an employee, then don’t be afraid to take some online classes or enroll in an adult education program near you . If not, then maybe it isn’t time for you to hop on board just yet.

Are there uses for both sides?

The latest tech news is that Samsung may soon sell Apple’s iPhone X in South Korea. But with acoustic tech of its own, South Korea may not be giving up its homegrown phones just yet. At a seminar hosted by SK Telecom on Aug. 30, Samsung Display CEO Han Jong-hee announced that his company will now produce OLED panels for iPhones. The decision came after receiving a large order from Apple; SK Telecom later confirmed that it would be selling these new iPhones next year (Samsung has not responded to requests for comment). This could mark an opportunity for OLED technology to step into a larger role in consumer electronics as well as transportation and architecture—but at what cost?

How can people successfully embrace technology?

Embracing technology is not an easy task. For one, it’s expensive; as such, many people may find themselves struggling to understand why they should pay hundreds of dollars just to get a new smartphone. Even if they are able to convince their friends and family that they need a new gadget, there’s still something stopping them from making that purchase—fear. Some fear failing while others fear being left behind by those who embrace technology better than they do. Embracing technology can be hard, but understanding why you might want a new gadget can help you learn how to successfully embrace tech for yourself.

Is it time to throw away your violin?

You might be surprised to learn just how fragile violins are. That’s why many instrument specialists recommend keeping them in their cases when not in use. However, German violinist Nicolai Mollenhauer believes that these storage solutions end up damaging instruments over time, so he designed a device that gently stores and protects violins while preserving their acoustic quality. In other words, keeping your violin in its case will make it harder to play—not a good thing if you’re hoping to bring music into people’s lives. After all, what good is a great piece of equipment if it isn’t being used?

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