10 Crazy Futuristic Technologies to Look Forward to in 2022

10 Crazy Futuristic Technologies to Look Forward to in 2022

Even if you have your sights set on the future, it’s hard to imagine how far we will have come in 10 years when it comes to new technology development. We don’t even know what most of these technologies are yet, but by 2022, we’ll see many of them emerging in ways that seem completely foreign and futuristic. Let’s take a look at 10 crazy futurist technologies to look forward to in 2022!

1) Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are one of those technologies that feel way more exciting than they actually are. Our biggest concern is that driverless cars will make us all lazy, which seems pretty boring for a technology that’s supposed to revolutionize our transportation system. Despite their impracticality, there’s no denying that autonomous vehicles will be a huge hit with millennials who are growing up in an increasingly mobile world. After all, why would anyone want to drive when you can press a button and let your car handle it for you? Companies like Ford Motor Company and Google have even been hard at work on self-driving systems for several years now—the only question left is whether or not government officials will green light their implementation.

2) AI Becomes More Like Us

While AI has come a long way since its creation, what many people are hoping for is an even closer relationship with their robot helpers. In fact, some may predict that by 2022 artificial intelligence will be advanced enough to mimic human behavior, including speech and facial expressions. This level of complexity will allow machines (and AIs) to become companions that humans can actually form meaningful relationships with. Coupled with machine learning advances allowing virtual assistants to autonomously develop behaviors, virtual assistance may soon become more like pets than anything else.

3) Flying Taxis Are A Reality

In 2010, sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson imagined a world where flying cars were practical and just barely legal. But while driverless car technology is becoming increasingly commonplace, there hasn’t been much talk of personal flight vehicles until recently. In 2017, Amazon announced that it was developing air taxis with Boeing and Dubai’s Heliene Air Taxi. The goal? To deploy fleets of autonomous copters to deliver packages within five years. Not only will they save on emissions and traffic jams (not to mention develop new business models), but they also bring us one step closer to living in a world like Blade Runner or Ready Player One.

4) Virtual Assistants Are Everywhere

In just a few years, virtual assistants will know everything about you and what you need. You’ll be able to ask them for directions or book a hotel room without ever having to lift a finger. They’ll manage your calendar and suggest places for you to eat out with friends. And most importantly, they’ll get you your shopping delivered as soon as possible so that your fridge is stocked before you even go grocery shopping. In 2022, it’s unlikely that there will be many businesses left that don’t have some sort of virtual assistant tool integrated into their systems. As more and more businesses rely on them, we’ll see better AI that is able to learn new things about us over time—and really become an extension of ourselves through technology.

5) Augmented Reality Will Be On Everything

Wearable computers have been popular for a while now, but soon they’ll be on everything. After all, why would you not want a heads-up display on your smartphone? That’s just one of many wearable devices that are going to become standard issue over time. The future looks bright for augmented reality as well; that technology is already advancing rapidly with developments such as Google Glass and Microsoft Hololens, but it will only get better from here. Imagine playing golf with your dad 20 years from now. You’ll both be wearing augmented reality glasses as you play virtual holes at his house—heck, it may even help him finally beat you at golf!

6) The Internet Of Things Is Almost Here!

It’s one thing to have a smartphone that connects you with almost anyone on Earth, but it’s another entirely when every single object around you is connected too. The Internet of Things will be all-encompassing by 2022. Every last light bulb and thermostat will be connected to your central hub, allowing you complete control over every device in your home—even when you aren’t there. It can be a pretty unsettling thought, but it will also help streamline your life immensely: Wouldn’t it be nice if your alarm clock knew not only when you were up and at ‘em, but what kind of day it was?

7) Robots Can Cook And Clean For Us!

It will come as no surprise that robots are capable of doing many things humans can. But what about things we typically do for ourselves? According to Futurism, robots will begin performing domestic chores like cooking and cleaning. Robots that cook our food is definitely something most people would find useful, especially when you consider how long it takes to learn how to bake or cook a variety of foods. However, a robot who can clean up after us might make those with OCD smile with glee. If we ever have a robot who can clean up after us, we’ll never have reason to complain about dishes being left out in plain sight again!…

8) There Are Life-Saving Wearables

New technology is emerging that will make life-saving devices more accessible. For example, wearable defibrillators are being developed which can shock a person’s heart back into normal rhythm. Imagine a world where everyone has one of these devices—it could save millions of lives each year. Don’t believe it? It’s already happening in some European countries, and trials are underway for a pilot program here in America.

9) People Use VR for Literally Everything!

Virtual reality used to be such a niche product that it’s easy to forget how much people loved using it. But now, thanks to affordable mobile devices and a growing library of applications, VR is becoming increasingly useful and common. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2022, two billion people will be using virtual reality on a regular basis. Companies are expected to create more than 1 million new jobs related to VR over the next few years! Exciting times are ahead!

10) We Can Live In Utopia By 2022!

Technological innovation is rapidly changing our world. It’s hard to even keep up with all of it, so we created a list of 10 crazy technologies that will be here by 2022. These are some of tech innovations that can potentially help improve your life. Before you know it, people may live on Mars and we may have 3D printing machines for personal use! Our lives are going to get so much better over time! It’s mind-blowing how much change is happening today and at such a rapid pace. So far, there have been many radical transformations in our world. Here is a list of futuristic technologies coming out within 5 years from now (in 2022). We’re so excited about these advancements! The future looks bright!

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